Indie games for real Sdentausu. But not only!

arromuadruCrazy Sdentau is an Italian indie game developer.

Its a project that starts from games, but that wants to expand with drawings, cartoons and music. Our goal is to give a unique style to our work, through the characters and stories outside the box.

We want to create ironic, grotesque and macabre worlds.

Currently we are a small team of a human, a wart and few time.
We aim to have enough time in 2292, when the human most likely will be dead and will not have other annoying things to think about like warts, old men who stare at him from the balcony, fodder, pans that eat food, sleep and pretzel.

But!? What!? Why Crazy Sdentau?

zombusuIts a pseudo-fantasy name. An international name that keeps the island-Italic origins.
The human in his nightmares saw himself as an old “Crazy Toothless” and it was decided to use this figure to represent the creator of our games.

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