Poo Eater

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Poo Eater


  • Android


  • Arcade
  • Record
  • Skill

Helps Vecchimesi Biondulur, a vilified alien wart, to eat lots of poo!

In the bathroom of a soup eater human, Vecchimesi has found the perfect place for his goal.

But you cannot do all the same brush!

The tapeworms often make friends with poos to bring water in its own mill. Not only can infect the poor vilified alien wart with their larvae, but they can also aspirate and eat him with their strength of breath.

Vecchimesi, as all vilified aliens warts, doesn’t give up and fights with sprints and boogers.

With one touch of the screen, the unplayable gameplay will immerse you in the poo!

Beat all the records and be the best Poo Eater!


* Hundreds of poos on the screen
* One touch gameplay that requires great reflexes and skill
* Boogers to shoot for kill larvae
* Online leaderboard and achievements
* Attractive and visible graphics
* Pseudo-depressive death metal djent music

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